Capture Your Narrative with Motion: Harness the Power of Video for Storytelling

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Enhanced 4K Quality Through 8K Capture

At AVP Stock, we prioritize delivering the highest quality footage to our clients. Our unique process involves shooting our content in 8K resolution for frame rates up to 30fps. This approach harnesses the advanced clarity and detail of 8K, which far surpasses standard 4K shooting.

Why 8K to 4K? Shooting in 8K and then downscaling to 4K brings several advantages:

  1. Superior Detail and Sharpness: The downscaling process effectively condenses the extra pixels from 8K into a 4K frame. This results in enhanced detail and sharpness, making the 4K footage crisper and more defined than if originally shot in 4K.
  2. Improved Color Accuracy: The increased pixel count in 8K contributes to better color accuracy and finer color gradation in the final 4K product.
  3. Reduced Noise: Downscaling tends to average out noise, resulting in cleaner and smoother footage.
  4. Greater Flexibility in Post-Production: Shooting in 8K provides more room for cropping, stabilizing, and reframing without losing any detail in the final 4K output.

For higher frame rates beyond 30fps (excluding the 120fps-to-30fps conversion), we record directly in 4K, ensuring smooth motion and clarity for fast-paced content.

Slow motion videos

For high-speed captures, we utilize a special process: 120fps footage is recorded in 4K, which is then converted to 30fps. This technique allows for smooth, high-definition slow-motion sequences, capturing every detail at a quarter of the normal speed.

Our commitment to these processes ensures that you receive 4K footage of the highest caliber, suitable for a wide range of professional applications. Experience the difference with our meticulously crafted, superior-resolution content.

Professional Color Correction for Maximum Creativity

At AVP Stock, we understand the importance of creative freedom in post-production. To ensure the best starting point for your projects, every piece of our footage is professionally color-corrected from its original log format. This initial color correction is carefully executed to make the footage presentable and visually appealing, while preserving the natural look and feel.

Our Approach:

  1. Basic Correction: We perform fundamental color corrections to transform the flat log profiles into more dynamic and natural-looking images. This includes adjusting exposure, balancing colors, and enhancing contrast.
  2. Preserving Flexibility: Our color correction process is intentionally restrained. We avoid applying any stylistic color grades or heavy manipulations. This ensures that you, as the buyer, have the utmost flexibility to take the footage in any creative direction you desire.
  3. Ready for Further Editing: The footage is delivered in a state that is both immediately usable and highly adaptable, providing an optimal canvas for your creative editing and grading.

By choosing our footage, you’re not just getting high-quality content; you’re getting a foundation upon which you can build your unique vision, with the freedom to edit and grade as you see fit.

Transparent Technical Details for Informed Editing

In addition to our meticulous color correction process, we believe in full transparency regarding our shooting techniques. For every piece of footage, we provide detailed information about the log gamma and color space used during recording.

Why This Matters:

  1. Informed Decision-Making: Understanding the log gamma and color space used in our footage empowers you to make informed decisions during your editing and color grading process.
  2. Compatibility and Consistency: This knowledge aids in ensuring compatibility with other footage in your project and maintaining consistency in your final output.
  3. Maximizing Potential: With this information, you can fully utilize the dynamic range and color characteristics specific to each log gamma and color space, maximizing the creative potential of the footage.

We provide these details to enhance your editing experience, ensuring that you have all the necessary information to bring your creative vision to life with our footage.

For more information about the different file formats, please check our FAQ page: