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Discover our collection of royalty-free stock resources to enhance your creativity. Find moving melodies, captivating videos, stunning photos and high quality sound effects for your next project. Create something remarkable that will inspire, entertain and move your audience. Let your imagination run wild and bring your vision to life, using our library of elements. The possibilities are endless, so come and explore today!

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Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you require tailored content for your project. We are readily available to provide you with further information and assistance. Thank you for considering us as a potential content provider.

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All content available for purchase is created by Aram Valkenburg and is only sold on AVP Stock.

The Human Touch: AVP Stock's Commitment to Authentic, Non-AI Generated Content

AI technology can bring efficiency to creative processes, but relying solely on it lacks a personal touch. Handcrafted art is appreciated for its imperfections and expressive nature. By creating my own content, I have complete control and can fully express my artistic vision. It’s fulfilling to produce original work and deepens my understanding and appreciation of the art form.


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Bring your walls to life

Discover stunning and unique art prints by Aram Valkenburg that transport you to a world of wonder and inspiration. Elevate your space with captivating and unique prints that infuse your surroundings with magic and creativity, adding inspiration to your daily life.


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"Have you ever felt uncertain about making a decision for your project? We know the feeling. That's why we offer a handy solution: a 'comp' license! Try out any of our incredible music tracks, sound effects, videos or photos in your project before committing to a purchase. Be confident in your artistic vision and explore all the possibilities. We believe in you and your project and can't wait to see where your creativity takes you!"

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No monthly or annual costs. No credits. Pay per product.

YouTube Monetization

AVP Stock offers licensed content for worry-free monetization on YouTube. Trust in our high-quality products and seamless experience. Choose us for your licensing needs and confidently thrive on YouTube without copyright violations.

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Unlock the power of your social media presence with AVP Stock. Our licenses cover all platforms including Facebook and Instagram, enabling you to share your story with stunning imagery. Embrace your creativity and captivate your audience with ease. Let AVP Stock be your source of inspiration to share your message with the world.

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